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Estate Planning

3 Important Estate Planning Questions Answered

"Does my spouse know where all our accounts are located and how to access them..."

Breaking Down Estate Tax

"When the surviving spouse who inherited an estate dies, the beneficiaries may then owe estate taxes if..."

Will Writing

What to Think About Before You Write Your Will

"Thinking about what to write in your will is generally harder than constructing the actual..."

Breaking Down a Will

" If an individual dies without leaving a will, the distribution of his property is left up to the..."

Financial Planning

6 Things You Must Know from Financial Planners (Will Writing, Trust Setting, Funding)

"If you’re looking for broad-based advice about various aspects of your financial life, hire a..."

Breaking Down Financial Planning (Through the eye of Financial Planner & Advisor)

"Financial plan can alert an investor to changes that must be made to ensure a smooth transition through life's..."

Asset Distribution

Distribution of Assets in Your Estate (Will Writing and Trust)

"The rules of intestacy do not take into account relationships based on friendship and will distribute your assets only to..."

Breaking Down Asset (Will Writing)

"Assets are recorded on companies' balance sheets based on the concept of historical cost, which represents the original cost of the..."

Trust Planning

How to Make a Living Trust

"If you do not want the trustee to sell the family home without the approval of all beneficiaries, you will specify it..."

Breaking Down Trust Planning

"Rules of a trust depends on the terms under which it was built on. In some areas, it is possible for ..."