Among services we offered for individual includes:

  • Wealth MasterPlan (Cash flow problem, debt management, nett worth growth)

  • Personal insurance Review and Reprogramming

  • Medical card upgrades (cross company)

  • Investment Planning (Retirement and/or Education)

  • Professional Will Writing

  • Private and Express Trust Planning

There are many problems with life insurance policies, which is unresolved by many, namely it being a bad form of investment, long term commitment and inflation issue.

And typical problems being faced by policyholders including nomination issue, commitment too long, no control over insurance proceeds, underinsured, cover ration and so on. If the problems are not resolved, then policyholders will be at lost. There are issues not being addressed properly.

Financial Analysis Report

A personal Financial Analysis Report (FAR) is constructed based on the measuring the risk profile and investment profile to achieve a balance and healthy financial foundation. The report will help anyone to better understand whether or not his/her insurance programming, investment strategy and cashflow management is financially healthy.

Get in touch with our team to construct your personal FAR!