There are approximately RM60 billion being frozen waiting to be distributed to their beneficiaries in the hand of Amanahraya temporarily due to the long probate process. Imagine the hassle your family has to go through to unfreeze these assets of yours. Though the process can be dramatically shortened with a Will, it doesn’t solve problems of non-death scenario.

On top of that, a Will only helps distribute the estate and name the legal representative, it lacks the purpose of minimizing or removing the high probate costs and legal fee.

But without a Will, you give up the rights to choose the best Legal Representative to your Estate and Guardian for your children (if any). Your hard earned assets and wealth could be greatly shrunk due to financial leakages. These funds to cover the leakages could be pass down to your family for better usage; otherwise it will be ended up in other people’s pocket.


Spare your heirs from these troubles; give them the last gift of a proper and well manage estate distribution. Plan your estate today.

While no one can ever imagine 3 commercial flights fell from the sky in a year, and to make it worst being considered as lost instead of death.

Based on Malaysia’s law, it is required to be lost for more than 7 years before being able to declared as death.

What will happen to your assets or properties or businesses when such condition arises to you?
How can your family cope with such situations?